The Well-Tempered Computer, an introduction to computer audio

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Hegel Super headphone amplifier

Digital inputs: USB micro
Outputs: mini-jack (analog) + optical mini-jack (digital)
USB interface: up to 24 bit / 96 kHz, plug & play
Noise floor: -140dB
Output impedance: Below 1 ohm
Dimensions: 1,6 cm x 4,1cm x 8,2cm / 0.6” x 1.6” x 3.2” (HxWxD)

Website: Hegel
Price: $399

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Audioengine D3

24 bit / 96 kHz DAC with asynchronous USB input and headphone out.

  • Full-scale output 2.0V RMS
  • Frequency response 10Hz - 25kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
  • SNR (DC to 20kHz) 110dB
  • THD+N (1kHz FS 96 kS/s) <0 .002="" li="">
  • Crosstalk -110dB
  • USB transfer mode Asynchronous (dual clock)
  • USB device class Type 1.1 or above
  • Input USB Audio Input bit depth up to 24 bits (upsampled)
  • Input data rate up to 192KS/s (96K native)
  • Output Analog audio mini jack
  • Output impedance 10 ohms
  • Suggested headphone impedance 12 ohms to 10Kohms
  • Headphone amplifier LME49726
  • D/A converter AKM4396
  • USB controller TI1020B
  • Power requirement USB 5V DC, 200mA
  • USB power filtering 2-stage redundant regulation
  • Product dimensions 19x12x6mm (including USB connector)
Website Audioengine
Price: $189.00

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Pre-amp with analog, USB, Toslink and SPDIF input.
Analog line- and headphone out
Digital out (Toslink)

32-bit Texas Instruments PCM1795 DAC
XMOS-based asynchronous USB input 24-bit/192kHz
1/8" analog input couple to a AKM AK5386 AD converter (24-bit/96kHz) coupled with the amp and the Toslink output allowing for digitizing analog input.
USB input coupled with Toslink output ( USB to SPDIF conversion)

Website: AMI MUSIK DDH-1
Price: US$549